How To Setup The Perfect Silent Drum Practice With Mute Pads

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As with most other things, becoming a great drummer requires a lot of practice and dedication. Besides being extremely rewarding, learning how to play the drums can help you attain both personal and professional goals, and according to some studies, may even make you smarter.

Despite the fact that drumming has numerous benefits, finding the time to practice regularly may be difficult, especially if you have any time or location restrictions.

Mute pads for drums.

This is where setting up a silent drum practice can come in handy.

As you may already imagine, silent drum practices consist of setting up and carrying out a drumming session with minimal sound. While this may seem difficult, you can now perform silent practices easily with just a few accessories and the drum kits you already use.

In this post, we’ll go over the benefits of silent drum practicing and mention a few accessories you’ll need to conduct a drumming session with minimal noise levels.

The Benefits Of Carrying Out A Silent Drum Practice

Silent drum practices may seem counterintuitive, especially to eager teenagers who want to conquer their 5-piece drum kits more than anything in the world. But, everyone who has owned a drum kit will quickly tell you about the benefits of silent sessions.

While a lot of people like drumming and music in general, listening to a live drum practice on regular basis can quickly annoy your neighbors and family members. Moreover, depending on whether you live in an apartment or house, playing at nighttime may not even be an option.

Silent drum practices are a great solution for these circumstances because they:

Won’t Drive Your Neighbors And Family Members Insane

While watching Fortune Wheel or Jeopardy may not be your idea of fun, your drumming can quickly become an issue for your family members and neighbors who enjoy live gaming TV and other televised events.

Silent drum practices and mute pads can help keep peace at home and in the neighborhood by keeping everyone happy.

Train Your Internal Clock

One of the main skills most musicians work on developing is their internal clock. Also known as time keeping, this skill allows you to maintain a steady beat throughout a song without slowing down or speeding up.

Besides regulating your internal clock, drumming is said to have an impact on the neurological structure of your brain. Besides altering your brain structure, other studies indicate the activity requiring as much stamina as professional athletes.

Master Your Rudiments

In drumming, rudiments are a basic set of small patterns that make up the vast majority of beats. Silent drum practices can help you master your rudiments, which will help you develop into a skillful drummer.

Drums with mute pads.

What Are Drum Mute Pads?

Playing a full drum set quietly doesn’t sound easy, but thanks to silencing accessories, you can significantly reduce the volume of the sound they generate. Drum mute pads are silencing accessories designed to dampen the sound created by a full set.

Drum mute pads are designed to be used with a variety of models without damaging your instruments. While they do offer a great alternative, keep in mind that mute pads don’t completely block out sound, but reduce the noise while playing your drums.

All elements of your drum kit have a dedicated type of mute pad. Despite the fact that some musicians choose to create their own homemade versions, we suggest to always use dedicated accessories that won’t damage your instrument.

Types Of Mute Pads

Mute pads can be categorized into three groups:

Drum Pads

Drum pads are silencing devices designed to sit on your snare or toms. Like most drum pads, they are often made from neoprene rubber or a similar material. In addition to this, these mute pads tend to give snares and drums a peculiar sound, but lower their volume considerably.

Bass Drum

Also known as a kick drum, bass drums also have dedicated mute pads that reduce their noise levels to a minimum. There are different types of bass drums that are used in different genres for different purposes, but you can always find a design created for your specific model.

Cymbal & Hi-Hat

Cymbal and hi-hat mute pads look very different than drum designs. Instead of consisting of a round piece of material, these silencing devices rely on reducing the cymbal and hi-hat’s vibration, so they only cover a section of the total surface.

Practice Pads

While practice pads are not functional instruments, they do provide a very quiet option for carrying out silent drum sessions. These pads can either sit on top of your acoustic drums or come in completely independent kits that simulate a real drum setup.

Mute pads for drums.

Practice pads are very effective because they do reduce noise and keep it to a bare minimum. But, there are a few downsides to using these kits because they don’t always provide a natural feel.

Moreover, they tend to be affordable to moderate in price, but they have to be purchased separately.

Electronic Kits

Unlike practice pads, electronic drum kits are fully functional instruments that can be used for practicing or live performances. These models usually produce sound audible through headphones, keeping the actual drumming noise to a minimum.

Electronic kits are flexible, but they tend to have a hefty price tag attached to them. And, because they already come assembled, you can set them up like a traditional drum set or find variations you feel more comfortable with.

Choosing The Ideal Mute Pads

The longevity of your mute pads will depend on the usage you give them and their quality, so make sure you keep these elements in mind when purchasing the best silencing accessories for your drum kit:

Drum Size

Mute pads come in an array of sizes and they will not fit properly if you don’t purchase the right measurements. Make sure you note the name and size of the particular element you want to silence, be it the toms, snare, cymbals, or your entire kit.

Pad Material

Different manufacturers use different materials because of their production costs or sound reducing capacities. Make sure you do your research and select the materials that suit your needs and price range best.

Brand And Quality

There are dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of models to choose from. Always make sure you review each manufacturer’s website, check out online reviews from previous customers, and check their warranty before you purchase a set of mute pads.

Drum mute pads.


With so many different models in the market, choosing the best drum mute pads is not easy. However, once you find the ideal set, you’ll be able to carry out silent drum practices and develop your skills without falling out with your family or neighbors!





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