RockJam Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum

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Electronic drum kits have made life easy for drummers. Are you planning to go on the road with your band but don’t want to lug along your full-size kit?

You can conveniently invest in an electronic roll up drum kit that doesn’t take up too much space, is portable, and lightweight, enabling you to transport it from place to place without hassle.

You can actually take it one step further by investing in a roll up drum kit, which you can simply roll up and carry around. Yes, this actually means you can roll up your drum kit and set it up wherever you want to play it.

RockJam Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum

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About The Product

One of the best roll up MIDI drum kits on the market is the one offered by RockJam. The compact drum kit is designed perfectly for small spaces, while at the same time being durable and sturdy. Plus, it is easy to set up so you can start playing in no time. It works equally well for beginners and professional drummers, enabling you to hone your skills and also allowing you to record your tracks.

The roll up drum kit actually rolls up and you can carry it with you wherever you go to perform or record. Here is a look at the notable features of this product:

  • Connection Options – You get both MIDI and USB connections on the module of this drum kit. This enables you to connect the instrument to your computer, which makes it convenient for you to upload the music tracks and beats your record on the drum kit. You can work on the tracks using computer software. This makes this drum kit perfect for budding drummers, who can now set up a digital studio right in the comfort of their home. You can also connect the drum kit to your phone and save tracks and MIDI files.
  • Roll Up Design – As mentioned above, this drum kit features a modern roll up design. You simply have to roll up the drum pads and carry it around with you wherever you want to take your drum kit to. This is a major advantage when compared to conventional acoustic drum sets, which are not only huge but can be difficult to lug around. Even if you have limited space, storing this drum kit will be a breeze.

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  • Sound Options – You can order the drum kit with additional speakers if you want to show off your skills to an audience. On the other hand, if you want to abstain from disturbing your neighbors or our family, you can plug in your headphones and practice the drums without anyone listening. You also have the option of connecting the drum kit to other external speakers, in case you want to project the sound over a larger area.
  • Power Supply – While a majority of affordably priced drum kits on the market do not include a power supply, this one does. You can simply connect the power supply to any electrical outlet near you and start playing. It can actually help you save money if you play the drums over a long period of time.
  • Top Quality Drum Pads – This drum kit comes with no less than 9 drum pads. Each of the drum pads is equipped to produce different sounds. You can adjust the settings to produce the sound of a high tom or a crash cymbal, among other options. The design of the drum pads enables you to generate a sound that is similar to what you can get from a traditional acoustic drum kit.
  • Drumsticks – The drum kit comes with a pair of drumsticks that are made from sturdy and durable wood. This enables you to use the drumsticks for a long period of time, giving you great value for your money. Also, the design of the drumsticks ensures maximum sound reproduction when you hit the pads using them. Of course, the harder you strike, the more sound will be produced.

What Customers Say

This drum kit has received an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon. This indicates that a majority of the people who purchased this drum kit was pleased with its performances and left positive reviews. A customer stated that he purchased this drum kit for his 5-year old son.

He stated that he was able to hear clear sounds from the drums when his kid started playing. Another customer recommended this drum kit for parents who want to purchase a starter set of drums for their child to play at home, especially because it can be connected to headphones.

On the flipside, a customer stated that his son was only able to play the drums a couple of times and then the USB connector broke off. Another customer complained that the hi-hat food pedal was not working. A customer stated that the product arrived damaged and did not work from the outset.

Buying Advice

You can purchase this MIDI drum kit conveniently on Amazon. There are two price options available to you. You can get this drum kit for just under $40 if you don’t want a built-in speaker. This is ideal if you plan to play the drums wearing your headphones constantly.

The model with the built-in speaker costs under $60. You should check this product for sale from different vendors so you can get the best price. Also, look for deals and discounts that will allow you to save money on your purchase.


All in all, the RockJam Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit is a decent drum kit for beginners. Its reasonable price and solid range of features make it a great purchase. If you want convenience and the best of modern electronic drum kit design, this is a good option you should consider.

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