An Exclusive Guide For Selecting The Best Electronic Drum Set

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So, you want to learn drumming. However, it can be a bit of a put-down realizing how inconvenient a professional or beginner acoustic drumming kit can be. There are so many factors that you will have to consider when it comes to buying a traditional drum set.

It requires plenty of space, it is difficult to adjust, customizing it can be a pain, and it is noisy and can expensive.

Fortunately, you can opt for the best electronic drum set on the market, one that will not break your bank, doesn’t take up a lot of space and offer a whole bunch of features and functionalities. In all, a digital drum set is designed to sound and feel just like an acoustic set, but only better. Moreover, there are models that also come with training modules built right into the drumming kit. Talk about form and functionality!

Our Top 5 Recommendations

Comparison Chart

412j EeCaFL. SL500
Alesis Nitro Kit | Electronic Drum Set with 8″ Snare, 8″ Toms, and 10″ Cymbals
41XMNy7w94L. SL500
Pyle Portable Drums, Tabletop Drum Set, 7 Pad Digital Drum Kit, Touch Sensitivity, Wireless Electric Drums, Drum Machine, Electric Drum Pads, LED Display, Mac & PC – PTED01
519NmEUlFVL. SL500
RockJam Portable MIDI Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit with Built in Speakers, Power Supply, Foot Pedals and Drumsticks
Alesis Drum Set, Chrome Rack, Large Pads (DM10X Kit)
51GRMA77brL. SL500
Yamaha DTX400K Customizable Electronic Drum Set with Drum Throne, Vic Firth 5A Drumsticks and Stereo Headphones

Alesis Nitro Kit

412j EeCaFL. SL500

When it comes to cutting-edge, easy to install drum kits and sets, there is nothing better than the Alesis Nitro Kit on the market. The drum set is designed with an assortment of wonderful features, enabling you to use the drum kit as professionals do.

The best thing about the set is it comes with 3 dynamic Tom pad measured at 8 inches. Moreover, the drum is also designed with a dual-zone 8-inch snare that provides users with a spontaneous response and a great feel. Also, the drum set includes pedal fitted with a kick drum pad.

The Alesis Nitro Kit also equipped with 10-inch cymbals. This includes a crash mechanism with choke. What this does is give you the freedom to play a limitless range of expression. In addition to this, the drum set also includes a 4-post mounting made from aluminum keeping structured and secure.

Furthermore, the Alesis drum set also includes a new, state of the art Nitro module that lets you play more than one hundred percussion sounds. Some other features and benefits include:

  • Built-in with more than 60 tracks
  • 40 varying kits
  • Ready to play
  • You can customize your own sound (select from 385 sounds)
  • Comfortable and unique drum pads that offer a flexible and immediate response
  • 8-inch pads made from rubber

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Pyle-Pro PTED01

41XMNy7w94L. SL500

The Pyle Pro PTED01 is another cutting-edge, portable and fun drum set that can help you play like a professional drummer. The best part about this drum set is that it is a tabletop kit with a digital display and has a multitude of features and playing options. For example, the electronic drum kit is designed to play, feel and sound just like a traditional kit.

Plus, you can also resemble the sound. The drum set is portable and you can take anywhere you want with you. It is lightweight and incorporates state of the art components. After you use it, you may not want a heavy and bulky set.

In addition to this, you have plenty of playing options. For instance, there are plenty of prerecorded sounds and songs of multiple genres you can play. You can select from hard rock, pop, electronic rock, soft rock, jazz, etc. You can also record your own beats and whatnot – a truly incredible piece of engineering.

At such a competitive pricing, editing and recording using the Pyle Pro drum set is incredible. There are a whole bunch of different audio customization controls. And the drum set enables you to make your own exclusive music.

You can save all your customized sounds and songs, making a preset and then continue to play from where you left the sound. Another really awesome factor about the drum set is that you can virtually play it anywhere you want. You can practice and record you music sitting in the lounge, in the park, in your workplace, etc. The options are limitless. The drum kit also runs on batteries so that you won’t have to bring the cord with you. Other features and benefits include:

  • Designed with a 2 Pedal mechanism
  • Touch sensitivity drum pad (7 in total)
  • 25 presets
  • 25 percussion voices
  • Total of 100 songs
  • Comes with a USB port

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RockJam Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit

519NmEUlFVL. SL500

The RockJam Electronic Rollup MIDI drum set is another contender in the list of the best drum sets. The drum set is designed to have all the features and customization an individual needs to learn how to play the drum. It is an intricately designed drum set that has small kit and a durable make.

Setting up the kit is easy. The drum set has a total of 2 pedals and 9 pads that you can use to create a unique sound. There is no question that if you are learning to play the drums, using the RockJam Roll Up series, it really won’t take time to become one.

The drum kit has a state of the art sound module, mimicking each beat and sound you will need to practice and creating your own unique sounds and songs. It is an ideal kit for beginners and novices, plus it comes with volume control as well. The added portability is also a factor in why you should opt for the Rockjam Roll Up MIDI edition.

You can take it anywhere you want to record your beats. The drum kit also has an energy-saving power supply unit and you can also run it on batteries. It has a total of 9 drums and features cymbal pads. You can also use the USB port to further customize your sounds using different samples online. Other features and benefits include:

  • Built-in speakers
  • USB MIDI port to upload your sounds
  • Sounds like a traditional drum set
  • A plethora of sounds including snare, high tom, low floor, low mid, open/close, etc

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Alesis DM10 X Kit

The Alesis DM10 X kit is another awesome drum set for professionals and individuals that need that extra punch in recording songs and new sounds. It has a multitude of different drumming features. The kit comes with drum pads measuring 10 inches and 12 inches and cymbals measuring 12, 14 and 16 inches.

It is truly a top of the line product; however, it is a bit heavy on the wallet. The drum set is designed with an XRack that is chrome plated and has a cutting-edge DM10 module for exceptional sound making.

On top of that, the product is built-in with an advanced sound sequencer featuring more than 1000 different and unique sounds. It also has a multi sound sampling functionality. The kit is made for professionals and individuals that want to enhance their skills.

The sound module of the Alesis professional kit features different percussion and real drum sounds. Plus, the drum set is truly unique in the sense that it has the world’s first sound module system that allows the user to download new songs and sounds directly via the USB from your laptop or computer. You can also upload songs as well. Other features and benefits include:

  • Chrome plated clamps for quick release with sturdy and durable steel rack
  • The quick release clamps are designed using T bolts – you can adjust the clamps without using tools
  • The drum set has a total of 1000 sounds, uncompressed
  • Designed to produce dynamic articulation
  • You can adjust the snares for enhanced positioning and to minimize crosstalk
  • Cymbal arm integration – you can convert the arms to boom

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Yamaha DTX400K Customizable Electronic Drum Set

51GRMA77brL. SL500

The DTX400K fully customizable drum set by Yamaha has become its flagship series until date. The new series offers more features, new songs and sounds and is designed with a pretty state of the art and user-friendly drum training module for beginners and novices. There is no question that Yamaha has become one of the best manufacturers of drum sets over the years.

And thanks to the overwhelming surge of technological advancement, the company has been their drumming products up to date with cutting-edge components.

This latest versions comes with a dynamic and realistic percussion and acoustic sounds. Moreover, the drum kit also includes contemporary electronic tones, music as well modern rock sounds. There is no doubt both professional and beginner-level drummers will find this beautiful piece of engineering entertaining and enjoyable.

Training on this drum set is an amazingly fast experience. Plus, the drum set is also designed with a steel rack system for added convenience. You can easily customize the Yamaha DTX400K to suit your exact sound specifications and style.

You can practice your drumming skills using the kit’s highly interactive training features and functionality – for example, it is equipped with a cutting-edge Voice Guidance system that teaches what to do and what no to do. Other benefits and features include:

  • The drum kit features more than 290 different sounds
  • Compact design – housing ten professional electronic drums
  • Comes with a touch pad measuring 7.5 inches
  • Has a silent bass kick unit
  • 10 inch crash cymbal pad
  • 10 different settings including, oak custom, marching and percussion, vintage, maple customer, jazz, session and more
  • The pro drum kit comes with a drum throne, a single pair of drum sticks and topnotch JVC headphones

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The best beginner drum set and electronic kits enable you to enter a world of different sounds. In addition to this, you can integrate pre-recorded sounds, upload and download sounds via your computer right into the kit and make your own percussions, store them and start from where you left off.

Woman Drumming On Electric Drums

Moreover, electronic drum kits also come in portable, battery-operated models that you can pack and take anywhere you want to go to practice or to perform.

In light of this, mentioned below are some reasons why you should opt for the best electronic drum set.

Reasons To Invest In The Best Electronic Drums Set For Beginners

A Limitless Array Of Sound Taps

One of the best things about digital drum kits is the fact that regardless of the musical setting your select, you will be able to utilize an endless range of unique sounds. You can use these sounds to produce your own exclusive music or sound or you could easily mash it up with your favorite genre, for example, hard rock, jazz, soft rock, progressive rock, etc.

The best intermediate drum sets are ideal for both professional and beginner-level drummers who like to work with unique sounds and a diverse range of genres like R&B, progressive rock, electronic rock, hard rock, soft rock, pop, etc. It is just so convenient to mesh and dial every drum sound, incorporating it with different music types and sounds of your choosing. You can mash different genres and produce your own songs and whatnot.

Drumming On Electric Drums

It is simple because you will not require different microphones to record the sound of the drum kit. This also means you will be able to set your drum kit faster and without any hassle in regards to space and storage. Moreover, as you won’t need any microphones, you will not need to worry about sound bleeds from various other musical instruments.

This is something that is useful if you have a band. In addition to this, controlling the volume of the drum kit is much simpler, especially when it comes to performing indoors or small venues.

Versatility And Flexibility For Songwriting And Studio Recording

With the best budget electronic drum set, you can conveniently edit whatever you record. You will be able to expedite the entire process. Adjusting the timing and the music is not a problem with digital drum sets. You can easily tweak the sound to perfection, matching it with your genre.

Editing and recording your songs and performances is easy as 1 2 3 with a wide array of options and features at your disposal. You can simply add a percussive sound to further enhance the quality of the sound from good to impeccable.

On top of that, digital drum kits are designed with built-in USB MIDI ports, which means you can effortlessly store everything as MIDI data. You can mash or mix the MIDI data using a straightforward process rather than spending hours individually editing different audio tracks. When it comes to recording music or a performance in a recording studio, the best electronic drum set will help you connect directly with the sound mixing board.

Man Drumming on Electric Drumms

This will in turn make it convenient for you to record enhanced drum music and sounds without having to place and adjust different microphones everywhere in the studio. Just think about it, not having to come to the studio several hours before recording to adjust and place numerous microphones around with the help of a sound engineer. Using electronic drums, you can concentrate on generating hippy and trendy sounds.

The Best Drum Set For The Money Offers More Portability

This is another great reason for investing in an Alesis dm6 USB kit five-piece electronic drum set. Digital drum sets are designed to be portable and compact compared to your everyday drumming kits. You can pack up the drum set and take it anywhere you go. Plus, they are battery powered so you don’t have to worry about an electrical outlet. Perform anywhere you like.

The Best Electronic Drum Set Offers Plenty Of Training And Learning Advantages

Another reason why you should not hesitate in investing in the best electric drums is that various top quality models come designed with interactive preset-functionalities and drum patterns.

You can use these patterns to learn how to professionally play a drum and enhance your sounds. Pattern drum sound playing can help develop your concentration levels and improve muscle and coordination, which are both qualities you need for becoming an expert drummer.

Drum Sticks On Electric Drums Set

An electric drum for sale comes in-built with several drum modules that are designed to provide users with a range of learning and training functions as well as metronome features that can help boost their coordination and perfect their timings to continue a perfect drumming loop and groove.

Another great benefit of having a cheap electronic drum set, like the Roland drum set, is the fact they are designed to have multiple AUX (auxiliary) ports as well USB MIDI connectors that can enable you to connect your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, laptop, computer, tablet, etc. allowing you to download your favorite tracks and make music with them. The technical components are also designed to be compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The Best Electronic Drum Set 

When it comes to Yamaha electric drums or the Roland drum set, these kits essentially need two vital sets of technological components to perform flawlessly. They are known as transducers and the general trigger module interface. The transducers are generally known as trigger pad or drum pads.

Now, the drum trigger pads come designed with rubber padding with the transducer installed under the pads or they can also come in a woven mesh with the transducers integrated internally. However, these triggers cannot be replaced.

Man And Young Girl Drumming On Electric Drums

Irrespective of the type of padding your select, both types are essentially designed to perform with the same level of effectiveness. When you strike the pad, the transducers instantly receive a jolt of impulse up the interface module in turn playing exactly the sound you have chosen in the module.

The harder you strike the pad, the amount of signals sent to the module via the transducer increases, which in turn spikes the volume of the drum kit. The opposite is also true. If you hit the pad lightly, the sound generated will be considerably lighter.

To emulate the sound of a traditional drum set, drummers strike the paddings lightly. The best electronic drum models are designed to have highly complex sound modules to generate impeccable and nuanced tones and sounds that serve as a precision-based replication of the technique employed by the drummer.

This happens even if the drummer is utilizing brushes. Moreover, at the cost of topnotch trigger pads and modules gradually decrease, drummers are opting for hybrid drum sets as well. This has everything to do with the steady advancement in technology and innovation.

Drummers are investing in multi-pad drum kits, like the Yamaha DTX400K models. Some tend to integrate these modules with acoustic drum kits while others are integrating acoustic modules with their electronic drum kits. Next, the drum pads and cymbal pads are designed with more than one sensor that is fitted under the pads.

Man Drumming On Electric Yamaha Drums

What this does is enable the module to generate different sounds when the drummer hits different parts of the drum kit for example, the snare drum, the bell, bow, rim, head and cymbal edge hits.

With the popularity of the best electronic drum set increasing year by year, the fact of the matter is, more and more drummers are now able to enhance their skills on technologically advanced drumming kits rather than relying on expensive acoustic drum kits. There are many sound variations you can choose from.

For example, you can trigger thunder sounds, lighting sounds, generate guitar sounds, trigger funky bass sounds, etc. And you can do all this by just using the brushes or the drumsticks – hitting them on the electronic trigger pads.

Bottom Line

So these are all the reasons why it is a good idea to go for the best electronic drum set over an acoustic drum kit.

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