A Comprehensive Buying Guide For The Best Headphones For Drummers

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Hearing protection and enhanced sound quality are things all drummers have to be conscious of – but a lot of them take these things for granted – and that is a big no-no.

Most drummers and even music lovers tend to switch to high-quality products after discovering that they are developing early symptoms of tinnitus. Speaking from experience, never take your ear health for granted and always go for top-notch drumming headphones.

In light of this, mentioned below are 5 of the very best drumming headphones to help you save time and energy. The brand handpicks these products after testing and experimenting in different environments.

The Best Headphones For Drummers

Our top 5 Recommendations:

Comparison Chart

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beyerdynamic DT 770 M 80 Ohm Over-Ear-Monitor Headphones in black, closed design, wired, volume control for drummers and sound engineers FOH
41CSawnmW8L. SL160
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black, Professional Grade, Critically Acclaimed, with Detachable Cable
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Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones.
31vtIJMq LL. SL160
Shure SE535-V Sound Isolating Earphones with Triple High Definition MicroDrivers (Bronze)
Shure SE215-CL-BT1 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones with Bluetooth Enabled Communication Cable

Winner: Beyerdynamic DT Closed Monitoring Headphones

41twsU4dLaL. SL500

When it comes to quality, durability, and effectiveness – there is nothing better than the Beyerdynamic headphones (DT-770 M series).The Beyerdynamic series has been a classic amongst professional drummers over the years.

When you talk about performing live – or recording high-quality, pre-recorded music or sequenced solos or tracks there is no doubt professional drummer need headphones that aren’t just comfortable but offer top-notch ambient noise attenuation.

Drummers must be able to listen to click/backing-tracks with ease and precision. And today, the best noise canceling headphones for drummers on the market is the Beyerdynamic DT-770 M.

With state-of-the-art noise rejection technology – the headphone is excellent for a variety of professionals such as engineers and disc jockeys. Moreover, there is no question some of the best DJs in the world use the DT-770s.

The Beyerdynamic Pro series also remains the top choice for sound technicians as well as broadcasters. Professional studios go for the DT-770s worldwide.

Moreover, the headphones are mainly appealing to drummers and musicians not just because of the high-quality bass capabilities – but also because the Beyerdynamic DT-770S have excellent spacious-reproduction.

This feature is remarkable, consider the size and the ‘closed design’ of the headphones. Moreover, the product is incidentally an excellent, top-notch alternative for non-professionals and music lovers.

The DT-770s also have an incredible acoustic definition. The quality of sound detail makes the headphones perfect for monitoring tasks as well. You can expect crisp, clear and high-level, ultra-bass reproduction.

The headphones also have excellent spatial sound reproduction – which is remarkable considering they provide complete isolation of external noises.

Runner-Up: Audio-Technica Studio Headphones (ATH-M50x)

41CSawnmW8L. SL500

The ATH-M50X headphones by Audio-Technica are a consumer series with slightly upgraded features – making the product perfect for music professionals and drummers as well as your average users.

They are more comfortable and feature-packed compared to the ATH-M50 series, specially designed for professionals, but became popular amongst average consumers.

That led the company to develop a slightly user-friendly, but equally professional series – the ATH-M50X.  The size of the headphones is more significant than most traditional on-ear ear headphones. The M50X series easily rival Beats Studio – and the best part is – they are a lot less pricey!

It is just refreshing to experience a pair of top-notch, durable and portable over-ear headphones that for average music lovers, amateur music producers and professionals. And they budget-friendly; you can’t ask for anything more.

Although the M50X focus on quality and crisp sound features, the roots of the product are appropriately defined – where you expect a pair of good-looking headphones with a glossy, sleek and aluminum components with a leathers finish – the ATH-M50x series is plastic.

However, this nothing to be taken aback for – the headphones are durable and offer the best sound – rivaling some of the top contenders in the market.

Although there is a tiny metal ring fitted inside the ear cups alongside a reinforced steel headband, it is impressive to see that the company refrained from desperately trying to please the end user.

It is a simple design really – comfortable but straightforward – you will deal with it, no problem.

Considering the look and style of the iconic ATH-M50X series, the overall features and the durability of the product is excellent. Sure, they are big – but they aren’t that big – which means they will not stick out of your head.

Moreover, you can remove the cable for these headphones – a new feature and improvement. The product has the state-of-the-art and acclaimed Sonic Performance.

Plus, the product received praise from professional audio tech reviewers.  The headphones offer excellent sound isolation. And because they are circumaural, the ear cups comfortably contour around your ear for noise-canceling in loud environments.

Alternative: Vic Firth Professional Sound Isolation Headphones

41ErUt8ZpML. SL500

When it comes to the best headphones for drummers under a budget – the award goes to Vic Firth noise canceling and sound isolation headphones. Vic Firth is a veteran brand and given how the headphones are present everywhere in the market – they have become the best in sound isolation over-ear products.

Moreover, it is not just the popularity and demand for the product that makes it so great – these headphones are excellent when it comes to complete sound isolation and noise cancelation.

Plus, they have superior stereo sound reproduction – and the best part is – you will get all this in under $80! You can’t ask for more! However, the headphones do come with a bit of consideration – but that mostly depends on drummer preferences.

Like any professional, avid or amateur drummer, the most critical thing in a reliable pair of headphones is their capability to reduce external sounds surrounding you atop of keeping your ears comfortable.

Amazingly, the Vic Firths incorporate some next level technology – enabling them to limit external sounds by up to twenty-four decibels.

Now that makes these headphones rival some of the best noise cancelation products on the market today! What is even better is the fact that there is less to no sound-bleeds, making the headphones ideal for studio recordings.

You will no longer have to worry about recording the slight clicking sound coming from the headphones – it is annoying when overhead cymbal mics pick those sounds up.

However, make a note of the fact that with streamlined noise cancelation of the Vic Firths, you may experience some complication hearing your own drum set.

The best part about the Vic Firth Sound Isolation headphones is the fact they do not just wholly block unwanted sounds in both quiet and loud environments – but come in-built with top-notch speakers!

The sound quality of the headphones is nothing short of superb! The audio response of the Vic Firths is pretty flat – without overly focusing on bass production. That is a problem that plagues a majority of top best headphones for drummers.

Best In-Ear Headphones For Drummers

Here are our top picks for this category:

Winner: Shure Triple High-Def (SE535-V Series)

31vtIJMq LL. SL500

The SE535-V series by Shure are costly, but when it comes to superior performance and top-notch sound quality with excellent noise cancelation features – nothing beat these Triple High Definition in-ear headphones.

They are compact, portable, light-weight and best for on-the-road use, especially for sound engineers, artists, and professional drummers. Based on our experience with the Shure SE535-V series – we used professional in-ear sound monitors to identify just how high-quality the headphones are – and they did not disappoint.

Each earpiece features Triple High Definition MicroDrivers – and that is not it – each earpiece also incorporates individual tweeters and woofers for impeccable and crisp sound quality. Both earpieces gave in-depth audio throughout the frequency spectrum with an incredibly focused deep bass response.

The lightweight and ergonomic in-ear headphones for professional musicians and drummers boast a low-key shape along with an enhanced nozzle for top-notch comfort.

So, what is inside the box – well, the in-ear headphones come with different sets of ear sleeves – all different sizes – enabling you to use sleeves that impeccably fit your ears and impeccably minimize external noise.

The noise cancelation headphones reduce ambient sound by around thirty-seven decibels – allowing you to concentrate on producing incredible music.

With MicroDrivers and subwoofers along with tweeter in each earpiece – you are bound to get a sublime experience – genuinely allowing yourself to focus on producing the best music you have ever had!

With a comfortable and ergonomic design – the in-ear headphones have an enhance nozzle for optimized comfort – this will come in especially useful when you have to record for hours on end.

The cable for the Shure SE535 is detachable and formable with Kevlar reinforcement. Moreover, the wire connects with the headphones. The connectors in the product are MMCX gold-plated for a luxurious look and feel.

Moreover, the connector locks the cable in place – enabling a 360-degree rotation. That helps steer you clear of tangling or snagging the wire – and allows for complete freedom of movement.

With broad compatibility – the 3.5-millimeter plug and one-fourth inch adapter offer impressive compatibility with a wide array of consumer audio products – such as the iPod or your smartphone.

Furthermore, the in-ear headphones are ideal for air travel. The adapter is dual-prong, which allows you to connect the wire with the airplane’s in-flight entertainments systems.

Runner-Up: Shure Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones (SE215-CL Series)

The SE215-CL in-ear headphones by Shure are a massive improvement over the 215s. With superior sound and design, the headphones are for ergonomic use and long-lasting comfort and durability – perfect for professional musicians and music lovers.

You can opt for wireless or cable versions of the in-ear headphones – and they come in multiple colors.  The secure design and state-of-the-art over-the-ear technical configuration ensure longevity and unmatched performance.

The best part about the headphones is the fact that you can pair them with any iOS or Android audio devices such as an iPod or your smartphone. Plus, you can also integrate the Bluetooth product with your PC or laptop.

With Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity – you can also use them with your tablet. The product provides up to eight hours of battery time and ten meters (thirty feet) worth of wireless range.

The headphones boast an inline remote as well as a mic – enabling you to pick up calls and use seamless controls and voice commands to change the track you are listening to or adjust the volume.

Moreover, the SE215-CL series can convert all detachable earphones by Shure to wireless – providing up to eight hours of battery time.  The headphones also come with a lighting communication cable compatible with all iOS devices such as the Apple iPhone and tablet.

The headphones also feature an integrated DAC amp for digital audio as well as a mic for remote control and inline communication. The product also comes with a USB-C cable – enabling an uninterruptable connection of Shure headphones with a wide range of Android devices.

You will also have a universal 3.5-millimeter earphone cable that you can switch between Android and iOS devices. Plus, the cable will work for all Shure audio devices. The cable is detachable, providing you with excellent flexibility. Moreover, with that type of an MMCX cable, there is no question the wire can last you your entire life.

The SE215-CL series by Shure will comfortably fit your ears, and the headphones are almost identical to the earlier version by the company – the 215s.

The in-ear cable is flexible and durable, and that means no snags and tangles – guaranteeing freedom of movement – which is something every drummer needs! Plus, the headphones are snug-fit. The product also comes with a nice assortment of ear tips – you can select one that offers superior comfort, fit and noise isolation.

Why Should You Choose Your Product Carefully?

Irrespective of whether the headphones are for casual music lovers or professional lovers, there is a question that everybody appreciates the privacy and quality they offer us.

However, there is no question we have to be wary of the health hazards of headphones. So many people pump up the volume to levels where they may damage their ears and hearing in the long-term.

Loss of hearing can have a significant effect on the ability of an individual to focus on all the details the music he/she is recording. That is why it is imperative that you select headphones that suit your specifications. Only go for passive noise isolation and cancellation headphone that is high quality.

In-Ear Vs. On-Ear Headphones

In-Ear Headphones

You will get a pair of in-ear headphones or earbuds with any smartphone you purchase. These are small and relatively convenient and can be overly cost-effective in some cases. However, when it comes to budget-friendly versions, there can be a vast difference between the types of sound quality you get.

Drummers In-Ear Headphones


The best thing about in-ear headphone is the fact you can use them as discreetly as possible. You can put them anywhere you want, you pocket, bag, etc. They are portable and durable, and when you’re walking, you can just put them on and tuck the cable under your shirt or sweater and stroll around enjoying your music.

Moreover, with wireless earbuds, you amplify your experience considerably. Plus, it is polite that nobody knows what you are listening to – these headphones offer complete privacy.

In-ear headphones, on average, are relatively cheaper than their counterparts – over-ear or on-ear headphones. Sure, there are some expensive models on the market – it all depends on your preferences as a music lover or a professional drummer.


One of the most common disadvantages of earbuds is, of course, the quality of the sound. Even top-notch in-ear headphones do not hold a candle to over-ear models.

Over-Ear Headphones

Also referred to as on-ear headphones, they come in a wide variety of makes and models as well as price categories. You can find a budget-friendly over-ear headphone that may sound alright – or you could spend hundreds of dollars on something genuinely unique, unmatched and top-notch. There is always going to be a variety.


While over-ear headphones are a bit heavy and bulky and not as private as earbuds, the quality of sound generated by on-ear product is just superb!

Moreover, at a slightly higher price, you can get your hands on an incredible product that is both ergonomic and not too heavy to carry around. Also, over-ear headphones will typically never fall off your face whenever you are recording music or listening to your favorite tunes.

This feature makes over-ear products practical for a majority of situations – for example, off-roading, RV traveling, hiking, camping, etc.

Moreover, no matter how much over-ear headphones minimize external sounds, you are always somewhat aware of what is going on around you.


Well, over-ear headphones are practical if you want to listen to your favorite music while working out. They will keep falling off. Moreover, there is no doubt you will start sweating after an intense round of cardio – which is going to wet the inner foam of the headphones, making them smelly in the long-run.

Do You Need An Amp?

There have been plenty of changes when it comes to the listening habits of music lovers and professional musicians such as drummers over the last decade or so. These changes in habits rely on two primary motives – portability of device and the quality of sound.

Drummer Headphones

Technological and ergonomic enhancements and improvements have made it possible for people to travel with thousands upon thousands of songs in their pockets. However, the devices have also failed to supersede vinyl records when it comes to physical sound formats.

There are numerous repercussions of these recent changes. A couple of these factors became more noticeable than others regarding popularity, specifically in headphones. Headphones are just ergonomic and portable, but over-ear or in-ear headphones offer high-end sound and bass quality for any or all forms of music.

Headphone amplifiers enable users to get more power and kick out of their headphones. The amp offers two incredible benefits. First of all, you will be able to pump up the maximum volume of your device through your earbuds or over-ear device.

Secondly, the amp will help significantly enhance the quality of sound without maxing-out the device. But it is also important to understand that more power doesn’t always equal more quality – so unless you are a professional drummer or a musician – you need to weight the potential advantages and disadvantages of using an amp for your headphones.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing The Best Headphone For Drummers

There are many things that you should consider before buying headphones for drumming – however, we have listed some of the most important ones for you:

The Length Of The Cord

There is no doubt that drumming is a highly physically and mentally draining activity. You need to consider several factors. At the same time, you have to control your movements, stay in-line with the rhythm and whatnot. The last thing on your mind when you’re recording your music is to snag or tangle the headphone cable.

This reason is why you need to go a product that offers a long and Kevlar-infused cable so that there is no risk of damage if you accidentally step on it. The ideal length for headphone cables for drummers should be one meter.

The Quantity And Quality Of Noise Cancellation

The second factor to consider is how impeccable your headphones block external sounds while enabling you to focus on what you are playing. It is essential to go for headphones that come with built-in mini-speakers allowing you to listen to what you play. Moreover, the maximum sound cancelation for effective drumming is 35 decibels.


Comfort is a must when picking headphones for drumming. If you plan to play the drums for extended sessions, the last thing you want is a set of headphones that is uncomfortable. You can’t let sweat or the nozzle of the earphones to bother you.

Drummer With Headphones


So there you have it – a complete and comprehensive buying guide to help you select from some of the best headphones for drummers money can buy. Always go for quality over cost – you need something that lasts you a long time without dropping quality or comfort.




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