A Guide To Finding The Best Drum Set For Aspiring Musicians

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As a musician, you are a performance artist, but you are an artist that is heavily dependent on their tools. In many art forms, it is as if the artist and their tool become one in the performance of their art, and the same can be said of a musician. Regardless of your chosen instrument, you will need the best one.

Over the course of today’s article, we are going to be looking for the best drum set. Many people don’t realize that drums are just as intricate as many other musical instruments. There are several different types of drums, and each of these varieties is ideal for a particular application.

While percussion instruments may not require the most finesse out of all of the musical instruments, the sheer force which is involved in playing the drums is impressive on its own. Since drumming is a far more physical discipline than many other forms of playing music, you will need your drums to be durable.

Young Man Learning Drumm Rhythm

We will be reviewing three different cheap drum sets in the hope that we can find the best beginner drum set. Since we will be looking for drum sets that are ideal for starters, you will not find products that are too advanced on this list. If you are willing to invest thousands of dollars in your drums, it is likely that you know what you want.

Three different drum sets will be reviewed; we will take a look at their features, compare them to each other, and see which one of the three is ideal for which application. You may be wondering why we have chosen to review three different drum sets instead of merely sticking with a single model.

A more extensive selection of reviewed products means that it will be easier for our readers to find the best drum kit for their needs. It can be more challenging than you would expect to find the best drum set. A range of different drum sets gives you the freedom of choice, depending on your preferred price and features.

As a beginner drummer, you could also look for a used drum set for sale, but there are several reasons why opting for a new kit is a better idea. While new drums may be slightly more pricey than used ones, you will find that the price difference is not as drastic as you would expect.

There is also the issue of durability when purchasing used drums. When you buy drums used, you have no idea how long they have been used and the type of abuse that they have had to sustain. If you are looking for a drum set that can last as long as possible, you will want to opt for a brand new model.

Best Beginner Drum Set

Comparison Chart

411f3FS9i+L. SL500
Pearl Roadshow Drum Set 5-Piece Complete Kit with Cymbals and Stands, Charcoal Metallic (RS525SC/C706)
415GrP5MgPL. SL500
Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks, Black
51OYCQGydAL. SL500
Music Alley 3 Piece Kids Drum Set with Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks, Metallic Black, (DBJK02-BK)

Winner – Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set

411f3FS9i+L. SL500


  • ​The inclusion of double-braced hardware helps improve durability and stability
  • ​Available in a choice of four metallic colors: black, red, silver, and bronze
  • ​Comes included with the following drums: one bass drum, two toms, one floor tom, and one snare drum
  • Features two cymbals: a brass crash-ride, and a hybrid hi-hat
  • Chain-drive bass pedal makes use of the bass drum more smooth and consistent
  • The drums feature a nine-ply shell that is made out of poplar for improved resonance
  • Does not come included with a pair of drumsticks


This product from Pearl is a convenient starting point for any musician that is trying to get into drumming. If you want one of the best drum sets for beginner drummers, then you have found it in these from Pearl. While these drums may be a little more pricey than some other options, it is evident in their quality.

Unlike other drum sets that are marketed towards beginners, the acoustic capabilities of this set are impressive, especially when you consider the relatively low price. The improved sound quality of this drum set is undoubtedly due to the nine-ply poplar construction of the shells of the drums.

Pearl’s beginner drum set comes included with most of the things that you’ll need to get started off, but (perplexingly) not everything. For example, this drum kit comes included with all of the hardware that you’ll need to get started drumming, but you won’t find a pair of drumsticks anywhere in the box.

41CWXY0bfFL. SL500

Aside from some strange omissions, this is an excellent beginner drum set for those who aren’t looking to spend too much money. The inclusion of all of the needed hardware can save you money, and the throne is surprisingly comfortable for one that you will find in a starter drum kit.

The inclusion of a chain-drive bass pedal helps reduce the amount of force that you have to put into your kick when you are trying to strike the bass drum on time. This feature helps improve your timing, but it also ensures that your leg will be less tired by the end of your performance.

You have a choice of several different colors when you purchase this drum kit, so you can find a set that matches your tastes. These drums feature an attractive metallic finish that is certain to catch the eyes in all but the darkest of venues, regardless of the color that you opt for. Read Our In-Depth Review.

Runner Up – Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set

415GrP5MgPL. SL500


  • ​Comes included with a high-hat cymbal as well as a crash cymbal
  • ​Features hardware that is double-braced for reduced flex and increased resilience
  • ​Comes included with a stool as well as drumsticks so you can get started right away
  • Features a glossy finish for improved aesthetics, available in a range of colors
  • Features a bass pedal that is chain-driven for an easier strike
  • As with most starter drum sets, this kit includes a bass drum, two toms, a floor tom, and a snare drum


As a beginner looking to buy drum sets, you may be looking for a more affordable set than the previous model from Pearl. If you would like to cut a couple of hundred dollars off of the price of your starting drum set, then you should opt for this kit from Gammon, which sacrifices extras for affordability.

Thankfully, though this product is available for a lower price than the Pearl drum set, it still features reasonable build quality. For example, the stool and all of the hardware on this drum set are double-braced to help ensure that it lasts longer and does not start flexing in unwanted directions.

While this drum set may have sacrificed some extra features when compared to pricier alternatives, you will find that it is still equipped with basic additions that help improve quality of life. For example, the chain-driven bass pedal helps keep your strikes timed and easier on your leg.

41azXE3u+3L. SL500

This set features the typical layout that you will find on a starter kit, which helps ensure that the drum set is versatile enough to perform a range of different genres. You have the two supported toms up top, a floor tom, a snare drum, and the big bass drum underneath the toms.

The traditional drum layout is accompanied by the two common varieties of cymbals. Each of the drums and cymbals (aside from the mounted toms and the bass drum) are installed on double-braced hardware that will ensure that they do not fall or get damaged in any way.

If you are looking for a starter drum kit that is more affordable than the competition but still features acceptable build quality, you will find few products to rival this set from Gammon. Read Our In-Depth Review.

Alternative – Music Alley DBJK02-BK Kids 3 Piece Beginners Drum Kit

51OYCQGydAL. SL500


  • ​This drum set is designed for use by children between the ages of four to seven years old
  • ​Features two supported drums, one of which is a tom, and the other is a snare
  • ​Features a bass drum that is equipped with standing lugs for added stability
  • Comes included with a drummer’s throne that is adjustable and double-braced
  • Available in a choice of two colors: black or metallic red
  • Comes included with a standard bass drum pedal as well as a pair of drumsticks


If you want the best drum kit for a younger child, there is nothing that can compete with this drum set from Music Alley. There are many advantages to getting your child started young when it comes to music. The earlier your child begins, the more proficient they will be as they get older.

This particular drum set is designed for use by children anywhere from the age of three to seven years old, but it can get a little cramped for children on the higher end of the age range. Keep in mind that this drum kit features excellent quality, but it is much smaller than most other drum kits.

51iaVBqf5PL. SL500

It may seem like 50 dollars is too much to spend on a kit that consists of three small drums, but you will find that this product is unlike other musical instruments that are designed for use by children. While competing products feature poor build quality, you will find that these drum sets can last much longer.

In the end, when you purchase one of these drum sets, you are paying for superior quality. The improved build quality of this model can be seen in its durability (which is a necessary feature if it is going to be used by children) but it can also be heard in the clarity of the sound.

If you are trying to make sure that your child learns how to play the drums correctly, this is an excellent choice of a first drum set. While this kit may be a little more pricey than the other drum sets you will find for children, it is worth the price if you would like your child to get a better grasp of drumming.

Why Should You Choose Your Drum Set Carefully

When deciding on the ideal drum set, you will want to take the time to ensure that you get the best product available. While it can be hard to find a drum set that is perfect for your needs, a bit of dedication can go a long way. The more effort you put into your purchase, the higher the chance of your satisfaction.

Keep in mind that drum sets can get pricey, so you will also want to avoid purchasing a model that will provide little to no use for you.  If you don’t want your drums to sit around collecting dust, find a set that you adore.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Drum Set


The build quality of the parts that go into your drum set is one of the most important things to account for when you are making your purchase. Top-quality components will result in a drum set that is far more durable than competing products, so it will be much more likely to last.

Aside from ensuring that your drums last long enough to be worth the money you spent on them, the quality of your components will also affect the sound quality. Some types of wood feature superior resonance qualities to others.

Quality of Components


Beyond the quality of the components themselves, the entire drum set must also be assembled with care and attention to detail. The quality of a product goes far beyond the skill with which the parts were made.


When you are looking for your ideal drum set, you will want to look for a kit that is sufficiently adjustable. If you can’t adjust your drums or your stool, you will find it challenging to play in a comfortable position.


We appreciate the time that each of our readers took to go over our review guide in search of the best drum set for beginner drummers. Feel free to let us know your thoughts down in the comments section below.




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