10 Best Drum Songs For Beginners To Learn With

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Learning new songs to play on the drums is a great way to enhance your drumming skills and techniques – not to mention it’s a lot of fun! When you’re just beginning, when you have great drum songs that you can learn from, you’re going to be more willing to practice.

Of course, you have to have a good balance between easy drumming songs and drum heavy songs that encourages you to expand on your skills.

10 Best Drum Songs For Beginners

Today, we’re going to give you 10 of the best drum songs that aren’t going to be too demanding, but they aren’t going to be easy-peasy, either.

1. ‘Californication’ By Red Hot Chili Peppers

‘Californication’ is a classic song that has the perfect tempo for new drummers to learn with. The drumming patterns aren’t going to be too challenging, but that doesn’t mean you can be lax. You have to focus on the beats and practice, practice, practice!

Drumming Californication

2. ‘We Will Rock You’ By Queen

If you don’t have a Queen song in your must-learn list, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice! Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ is one of the simplest beats for beginners because it only requires two bass drum strokes and a hit of the snare.

What’s neat about this song is that you can increase the tempo to double time to get a completely different feel when playing.

3. ‘Blue Orchid’ By The White Stripes

Who ever said women aren’t great drummers probably hasn’t heard much of Meg White, the drummer from the White Stripes. In ‘Blue Orchid,’ the beat is simple, but this is a great example of less being more.

If you’re worried about being pigeon-holed into only playing simple beats, don’t worry. As a drummer, you’re going to have your solo moments, but you also have to work with other bandmates to help them shine, too. The simplistic beats of this song (and others like it) are perfect for doing exactly that – supporting the rest of the band.

4. ‘Gimmie Shelter’ By The Rolling Stones

First off, who doesn’t love the Rolling Stones? Secondly, although this song was released in 1969 on the Let It Bleed album, it is still a classic that new drummers should definitely add to their practice list. Why, you ask?

This song features the classic rock and roll drumming pattern that combines bass drums, the snare, and a cymbal. If you intend on learning this song, we recommend sticking to the basic beat and then add the more intricate elements once your skills have improved.

5. ‘Billie Jean’ – Michael Jackson

Any Michael Jackson fan will tell you that of the most iconic songs in his library, ‘Billie Jean’ is one of the most memorable – especially if you’re asking a drummer. That’s because the drumming in this song is so well known and it’s often referred to as the “money beat” because if you’re a drummer and you’ve mastered it, then you’re set.

Drumming Billie Jean

That’s because while the beat is simple, you have to practice it a lot if you want to master it. Needless to say, it takes a lot of patience!

6. ‘In My Life’ By The Beatles

Ringo Starr may be a polarizing member of the Beatles, but there’s no denying that he was a talented drummer. His drumming style can be most appreciated in other songs, but ‘In My Life’ is excellent for beginners because the accompanying rhythm helps you keep time.

You’ll be playing the bass drum, the snare, and a hi-hat cymbal during the verses and during the chorus, you’ll be playing the ride and hi-hat cymbals more.

7. ‘Heart Shaped Box’ By Nirvana

Nirvana is another one of those great drum songs that are really simple to play. Dave Grohl, the drummer, took classic drum beats and refreshed them so the feel is more energetic and modern. ‘Heart Shaped Box’ is an excellent example of this because you can practice rim clicks and hitting the cymbals in time with the guitar, but you also can work on dynamics.

Our tip to you is to pay attention to how Grohl changes his playing style from the quieter verse parts to the louder chorus and bridge sections.

8. ‘Paradise City’ By Guns n’ Roses

If you grew up listening to hair bands from the 80s, then you’re probably very familiar with ‘Paradise City’ by Guns n’ Roses. The drum openings in this song is highly recognizable and if you can learn this song, you’re on your path to stardom. Okay, maybe not stardom, but you’ll certainly know how to amp up an audience!

9. ‘Sing In Silence’ By Sonata Arctica

Although this song isn’t as popular as other songs on this list, we still consider it to be one of the best drum songs because it’s easy to play. The drummer, Tommy Pertimo, was able to create a rhythmic pattern for the song that isn’t complicated but it just… works so well with the vocals and keyboard.

10. ‘When The Levee Breaks’ By Led Zepplin

‘When the Levee Breaks’ once was a bluesy song from the 1920s, but Led Zepplin’s drummer, John Bonham seemingly reinvented the song, thanks to his unique playing style.

Led Zeppelin Drummer

When you’re learning the song, you’re going to play a basic beat using the bass drum, snare, and hi-hat. As your skills progress, you can add extra beats to make the song more alive and your own.

Final Thoughts

This is in no way a definitive look at drum heavy songs that are great for beginners to learn with. This is just a very short list of our favorite songs that are simple enough for beginners, but also fun enough to continue playing long after you’ve learned the song.

Of course, what do you think? What do you feel are the best drum solo songs for beginners? Leave us a comment below!





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