Pearl P932 Single Chain Pedal Review

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Before you spend money, understand that double kick pedals are designed for agility and speed when delivering an effective punch to the song’s overall sound quality. While they aren’t used for heavy metal, they are a good choice if you’re interested in playing in that genre.

But if you’re a beginner, double bass drum pedals might not be the best for you. Because of this, you should look into the Pearl P932 Drive Pedal. Since its a single chain kick pedal, beginners can easily get used to the pedal and upgrade it once their skill level increases.

This review will further highlight both the advantages and disadvantages of this kick pedal. And if you need extra assistance in helping you buy, the buying advice section will help get you up to speed.

Pearl P932 Single Chain Pedal

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  • ​Control Core/Dual Surface Beater
  • ​Adjustable Beater Angle
  • ​Perfect Circle Cam
  • Click-Lock Tension
  • Interchangeable Cam


The Pearl P932 is one of the most versatile drum pedals in the market. It features an adjustable beater angle which helps you customize the pedal to your own power and personal preferences. You can find it on Amazon at a price around $190.

Since this is a single-chain pedal, it can withstand heavy beats. It consists of an aluminum driveshaft that has a solid base. As a result, users experience a smooth ride once pressed against.

It also has a Click Lock Spring Tension feature. This allows it to remain stiff and not loosen up when playing the drums. Additionally, it has lightweight side beaters that help users control the impact shock when playing on this drum kit.

And, the Pearl P932 has a beater angle adjustments to improve the user’s range of motion. This means that you can angle the drum in a nearly infinite amount of positions. Additionally, it has eliminator style adjustments placed on the fret board. This allows users to create light and heavy sounds at the push of a button.

Consumers like this drive pedal because of its durability. On average, users can play the drum for 4 years before the pedal’s clamp snaps in half and needs to be repaired. Get the Pearl P932 if you want a pedal that can be used for practices, performances, and long-term usage.

You’ll also like this device because of its adjustability. For instance, the Pearl P932 lets users adjust the playing angle to their preferred power and playing style. Due to this customization option, you can quickly correct its position if its off and continue to use it effectively.

However, there is one thing that consumers expressed their concerns about. For example, some would report that the pedals are unresponsive; making it harder for them to create the kick notes they need. We suggest getting a replacement if this issue ever occurs to you.

Still, the Pearl P932 is the best single chain pedals for first-time drummers to get started. It’s simple, has a minimal design, and has a control core to help you choose the right kick notes that you want. Get it today if you want the best drumming experience at an affordable price.

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Buying Advice

Still wondering what to buy?

Keep reading!

Drummer pedals transfer pressure from your foot to the bass drum’s surface. This means that it requires multiple elements for it to work together. The main elements that are used in drum pedals are strap, single chain, tooth, and unit.

This table shows the multiple parts that make up a drum pedal and their intended effect.

Drum PartDescription
Single Chain​Single chains are used for beginners. It has less expensive drum patterns and can be used for basic drum techniques
Double Chain​While more expensive than single chains, double chain pedals allow for more control and smoother movements with it.
Shaft​Attached to the pedal and allows them to create fas kicks. Helps increase productivity as it allows users to hit the kick drum without too much interference.
Double Pedal Bar​Consists of two beaters that are placed under a drum pedal. The two beaters are designed to fit the shape of the drummer’s feet. It has a rod that’s attached to the two pedals. This extends the drivetrain and allows the left drum pedal to be in sync with the right pedals.
Drive Train​Used to provide power between the beater and the footplate. You can choose a pedal via 3 different design options. For instance, it provides action via connecting a gear towards the beater. Another design option is one that’s made from a durable cloth (ex: nylon).The last option is a dense piece and a shaft that connects the bearer to the footplate.
Beater​Used to hit the drumhead. You can select from different beater styles to have full control over the volume. Most drumkit manufacturers make their drum pedals replaceable so drummers can switch them out whenever they want to opt for a different sound or style. Beaters are usually made out of wood or plastic.
Tension Plate​Some models have a tension plate which is a springset that’s between the footplate and the drivetrain. It measures the resistance of the pedal in relation to the drumhead and allows you to find the force level of your pedal being placed against the drumhead.

Keep this table in mind when you’re shopping for your first pedal. If possible, test out the pedal to ensure that it matches with your playing speed, style, and the genre of music you intend to play. Doing so will result in a high quality drum that you’ll feel excited to practice and play with.


To conclude, we believe that the Pearl P932 is the best drum pedal for beginners. Due to its single-chain design, it allows your right leg to get comfortable playing before moving onto the more complex double pedal bars.

If you’re considering a reliable and sturdy drum kit, the Pearl P932 is your best option. When using it, make sure that its properly installed to a drumkit and choose the amount of tension you want it to have. Mainly, buy it today if you want to experience a new level of percussion and want a tool to help you practice more effectively.

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