Gammon Percussion Kit Review

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If you’re starting out and want a drumkit that can be used away from home, the Gammon Percussion Kit will do the following things:

  • ​It produces a high-quality sound, so beginner drummers don’t lose their motivation.
  • ​It’s sturdy enough to handle hard hits and blows for a multitude of years.

​Let our review educate you on how this drum kit is an asset to you, your environment, and your overall playing style and music direction.

Gammon Percussion Kit

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​About The Product


  • ​Crash Symbols Sticks & Hi-Hats
  • ​Drum Key
  • ​Bass Drum Pedal
  • Ride Cymbal & Stand
  • Drum Stool Included


This entry level drum set produced by Gammon gives users the ability to start with their basic drumming routines. With its metal construction, its built to last for up to 4 years without the need for a repair. Buy this on Amazon at a price around $260.

Inside the box is everything you’ll need to get started. For example, the drumkit consists of a 14” snare, 22” bass drum and a pedal to help drummers create more unique kicks patterns. This is a great choice for someone who wants a versatile drum kit to aid them in their performance.

Also, you’ll gain a pair of drum sticks, a throne, a drummer’s key, and a 60-minute tutorial video to help you learn how to use the drum kit effectively. Thus, you should get this device if you’re a novice drummer who wants a reliable set to practice with.

Beginners don’t have to worry about buying extra accessories as the set comes fully complete. And, its sound quality is great for its price. The drums have a wide diameter that creates deep throated and sharp beats. This makes it similar to professional sets and helps drummers practice various drumming styles with ease.

Also, the cymbals are high quality and are resistant to rusting. The pedals of the kick drums and cymbals are made with strong chains and tight connections. Get this if you want a fully functional drum kit that’s also easy to get started with.

This set is easy to create due to its instruction manual and its additional accessories. Even a novice player will be able to assemble the drums without experiencing installation issues.

However, some users found fault with the drum kit due to its low-quality comfort features. And the cymbals start to lose its bounce after a few months have progressed.

Overall, the Gammon Precision Drum Kit is a great idea for first-time drum mailers all the way to professionals needing a quick practice set. Thus, buying this drum gives you the advantage of creating quality music and gives you the ability to enhance your drumming techniques.

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Buying Advice

Are you still confused on what you need to buy? We’ll help first-time shoppers by answering they’re most commonly asked questions.

What Instruments Do I Need?

For drummers, the most common instruments you’ll come across is the kick, hi-hat, and the snare. They give the main sound of almost every drum pattern and is the first thing that drummers upgrade once they progress in their musical career.

  • Bass Drum: Also known as the kick drum, the bass drum has the largest size in the drumkit. It’s played by the foot pedal and is on the side of the middle of the set. It produces basic downbeats and makes the loudest notes.
  • Snare Drum: This is the secondary drum in the kit. It’s positioned between your knees and creates a sharp, loud effect.
  • Hi Hat: Hi-hats are two cymbals that are next to a snare drum. You can play it by hitting cymbals with the kickstand then hitting it with the drumsticks.


​Most beginner drum kits have a throne, but make sure you double check to ensure that your model has one. Conventional office stools and chairs are too large for the drumkit. We suggest that you buy a throne if your drumkit model doesn’t provide one for you.

Extra Accessories

There are additional accessories that come with drum sets. However, there are a few pieces you need to consider to assist your drumming efforts.

  • Dampening Devices: Drums make a loud ringing noise once they are played, which can be annoying for others if you’re practicing at home. Dampening drum heads is a better option as it increases the sound quality. Also, an impact pad/drum kick is used to improve the kick drum’s sound.
  • Practice Pad: They are a silent practice accessory that’s used for enclosed spaces such as homes or garages. Professional drummers use them to increase their endurance and polish their skills when a realistic drum isn’t present.
  • Sticks: Some basic drumkits include sticks, while some don’t. Drum sticks are characterized by their letter combination and their number. The larger the number value, the thinner the drum stick. Beginners should opt for a wide drum stick as it’s easier for them to hit the drum. Once your hands become experienced, then you can opt for a thinner stick.

​​​Should I Get an Electric Drum Kit?

When you begin shopping, you’ll start to notice electronic drum kits. First, they are great for practice as their sounds are quieter than acoustic drum kits. And, they are suited for studio recordings as their sounds are easier to manage and control.

While most professional drummers like the sound of acoustic drum kits, these drums are used for silent practicing – which is great for homes that contain family and friends. However, they are more expensive than acoustic drum sets.


The Gammon Percussion Drum Kit is perfect for novice and professional drummers alike. Not only does it have an adjustable throne to accommodate a wide range of heights, but it also has a drum key which can be used to adjust the clarity of each drum head. Buy this product today if you’re willing to receive a functional drum kit that can be used for practice and small performances.

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