Choosing the Best Electronic Drum Kit for Beginners

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Electronic drums became very popular in 2020 as more people wanted to learn how to play during the quarantine. But, the truth is sales of these kits have been steadily rising for decades.

Are you interested in buying an electronic drum kit? We’ve compiled this guide for beginners to select the right product. 

You should start by setting a budget and deciding what you want to do with your drum kit. There are many options for you to choose from on the market.

Keep reading below to learn what comes with a drum kit, our recommendations for beginners, ways you can upgrade your kit down the road, and some tips on purchasing one used. 

What Hardware Comes With an Electronic Drum Kit?

As an electronic drum kit beginner, you’re going to have to be familiar with the different pieces of hardware before taking lessons. Electronic kits are not much different than their traditional counterparts, except you can play them without much noise. 

Many drummers assemble everything from scratch, but as a beginner, it’s smarter and easier to buy a complete kit. 

Here are the main components of an electronic drum kit: 

  • Snare pad
  • Tom pad
  • Cymbal pads
  • Kick drum pads
  • Hi-Hat pads
  • Sound module 

These kits will also include a drum rack to hold everything and a throne, which is where you sit.

Each pad is designed to look and feel like a real drum kit. They can also be customized to feature different sound zones. Drummers can set them up to make sounds like rimshots or cowbells, for example. 

Most electronic drummers play while wearing headphones but keep in mind that sound will be produced as the sticks make contact with the plastic or rubber pads. 

Your family, significant other, or roommate will likely hear some gentle tapping when you play. 

Best Electronic Drum Kit for Beginners 

Now that you understand the basic components, let’s talk about some recommendations for the best electronic drum kit to start off with. 

You’ll find there are a lot of options when shopping for electronic kits. Some are compact enough to be played anywhere while others resemble the type of kit you’d see on stage at a rock concert. Pads also range in size from seven inches to 16 inches. 

If you’re just getting started, consider buying the RockJam Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum. It’s described as the perfect kit for beginners. Drummers can roll it up and take it anywhere. The kit is durable, sturdy, and provides good features at an affordable price. The RockJam can be easily connected to other devices. 

How about if you have dedicated space in your home for a larger kit? Then your other option is the Yamaha DTX400K Customizable Electronic Drum Set. This kit can help you master movements and coordination. 

The DTX400K comes with a hi-hat, five drums, and two cymbals. It’s also way lighter than previous models. Here’s the really exciting part: you have access to over 290 sounds for jazz, rock, metal, R&B, and more!

Both of these are great choices for beginners, you’ll just have to decide how and when you’ll be using them.  

Additional Features For Electronic Drums 

Above we described the basic features of an electronic drum kit. But, once you start getting into the world of drumming, you’ll find there are other ways to upgrade.

Besides cutting down on the noise, the main benefit of using electronic drums is to make better recordings. You can plug the kit into a computer and hit record. All you need is a USB or MIDI port, which nearly all electronic drum kits have. 

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your kit is to buy a better sound module. Kits come with a standard module. A more advanced one can change the sound and improve your recordings in seconds.

Do you want to record studio-quality sounds? Then your next step should also be to upgrade your drum software. Examples of advanced software include Superior Drummer 3, Addictive Drums 2, or EZDrummer 2. 

If you have any extra money in your budget, you may want to also want to add more pads, cymbals, or use a mesh head snare to mimic what it’s like playing a real drum.  

Should You Consider a Used Electronic Drum Kit?

Some people who’re just starting out don’t feel comfortable spending a lot of money on an electronic drum set if they don’t know how it’s going to go. They want to make sure a kit is a right fit for them before making a larger investment.

Does this sound like you? Then you should consider buying a used electronic drum kit. Most music stores have used inventory or you can check the web. 

But, before you select any used kit to buy, here are five tips: 

  1. Start off by checking established sites like eBay or Reverb
  2. Try to buy high-quality brands like Yamaha, Roland, Drum Tec, or Hart Dynamics
  3. Always check the posted photographs and read the description carefully (do research if you are unsure) 
  4. Compare different listings to make sure you aren’t overpaying for the same item
  5. Watch out for con artists who try to get your money without sending anything in return (these are going to be higher priced drum kits) 

Buying a used kit is a great option for beginners. First, decide on a budget and what features you want in your kit. Make sure you shop around and do your research on all posts to make sure you get your money’s worth. 

Ready To Learn How To Play the Drums?

After reading this article you should know more about how to choose your first electronic drum kit. These types of kits are growing in popularity because they’re portable, affordable, cut down on noise, and allow you to make excellent recordings. 

Are you interested in learning more about how to play the drums or what equipment to buy? Check out our blog, drum reviews, or read some of our buying guides to make sure you find the best kits possible. 

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