9 Awesome Reasons to Learn How to Play the Drums

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Deciding to play the drums is a great choice. There are many reasons that the drums are a beneficial instrument. It isn’t just because you look cool while you do it either. In fact, the drums have a very long history. Drumming is a big commitment, but it is also very rewarding. Playing the. drums are more than just a couple hours of entertainment. If you’ve been trying to decide if you should play, here are the reasons you learn how to play the drums. 

1. Introduction to New Music Styles

One benefit of playing the drums is learning new music. You’ll find yourself appreciating what goes into making music. It isn’t about the regular tunes your ears hear on the radio. 

Playing the drums gives you the chance to get to know music on another level. It allows you to fall in love with the beat. To recognize the sound. 

Drums can be the key to another world. They train you to listen to sounds differently. Allows you to enjoy where music comes from at its core. 

2. A Great Workout 

The drums are also a great workout. It takes plenty of upper body strength in order to keep a beat. Deciding to take up the drums will also gain you muscle mass. 

One of the benefits of playing an instrument is gaining other skills along with it. Building up your strength is one of the best benefits when it comes to the drums. 

If you’ve been looking for a workout without going to the gym the drums are a fun alternative. You’ll find yourself so engrossed in the music that you won’t know you were working out to begin with. 

3. Coordination Boost

Looking to boost your coordination? Playing the drums is a great way to do this. The drums allow you to keep a steady beat with one hand and to find your rhythm with the other. 

This skill is something you can take even away from your music. It gives you the ability to concentrate and really emerge yourself in what you’re doing. Coordination is a skill that you refine and grow for years to come. 

These skills are something that you will find following you in other aspects of your life. You’ll be able to balance more in your daily life. You also may find yourself drumming a beat on all open surfaces too. 

4. Great Stress Relief

Just as it looks, the drums are also a form of stress relief. Being able to follow that rhythm and make some noise gives you the chance to get your frustrations out. 

It isn’t only good for getting frustrations out. Drumming is a rhythmic pattern. This means that by doing the same motions over and over again you tend to reach a level of deeper relaxation

Studies have shown that playing the drums releases high endorphins. endorphins are what you feel when you enjoy what you’re doing. This allows the brain to find a peaceful place. 

5. Confidence Boost

How cool would it be to be able to say that you play the drums? Drummers always get the recondition that they deserve. Playing the drums gives you something to say you do with a boost of confidence.  

Creating a beat and showing others that you know what you’re doing is a great energy burst too! You’ll have a skill that you can show off and be completely proud of. 

You could even find yourself being most confident with electric drums

6. Opens Eyes to Other Cultures

Across the world, many people have learned to communicate through music. Much of that grown communication has been through drums. For centuries there have been stories world and lessons learned through drumming. 

By learning to drum you take a bit of that culture in for yourself. You have the chance to learn why cultures decided to communicate and celebrate this way. Being able to drum will give you a sense of unity with others. 

Drumming is a cultural bridge that has provided so many with a voice. You will learn that different types of drums have different meanings. Each one of them is valuable. 

7. Academic Abilities Grow 

Want to open your world? Learning to play the drums has been proved to increase your IQ. Music can rewrite parts of the brain and actually make you smarter. 

Drumming makes you concentrate and remember things. This actually strengthens your brain. It pushes you to fully focus and retrain new beats and melodies. 

The benefits of playing an instrument far exceed playing music. They give you a whole new skill set to discover.

8. Grow Your Friend Circle

Looking to expand your circle of friends? Drums give you a reason to be social. This new skill lets you learn a skill that you can share and make friends with. 

Playing the drums brings with it a crowd of musicians. You can find others who are like you and enjoy music as well. You’ll be able to communicate with them not only about music about similar interests too. 

Music has a way of bringing people together and giving them a sense of belonging. Playing the drums could be your start to this. Learn how to play the drums and learn how to make a whole new group of friends. 

9. Creative Control

Another great aspect of learning to play the drums is a sense of creative control. You have the option in front of you to learn a plethora of new skills. To completely submerge yourself in a new type of music. 

Different types of drums will give you different sounds. You’ll be able to decide what type of music you want to make and how you want it to sound.

Everything from electric drums to classic bongos opens up to you. If you’ve been feeling the urge for creativity, the drums can grant you that. 

Has This Convinced You to Learn How to Play the Drums?

These are a few of the benefits that come along with taking up the drums. Learning the instrument will give you more than these benefits. Drums have social and physical benefits. 

The next time you find yourself contemplating if you should learn how to play the drums you should do it. If you need more convincing take a look at our blog

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